What is leather flooring made up of?

Leather flooring is made up of beef hide that goes into tanneries to be processed after the animal is slaughtered. The biggest advantage of leather flooring is that they are very durable. In fact, they have been known to last up to over a century. As the floor ages, it becomes stronger and tougher. It is a phenomenon called patina, more commonly called as sheen or finishing. The other major benefit of leather floors is that they are not vulnerable to denting and nicking due to their endurance capability. Unlike other floors that become dull with use, leather flooring becomes tougher and more attractive in visual appeal. They are good to use everywhere but are usually used in libraries, family meeting rooms and dens. They make the place look very rich and classy.

Custom leather floors

Usually, the thickness of the leather tile is one-eighth of an inch. They are flexible, unlike ceramic tiles and wood. Another major benefit of leather floors is that they are available in a large array of colors. You can have them custom colored as well. The color of natural leather is changed by tinting with the desired color tone. Finally, the cherry on the cake is that these floors are renewable and hence they are called “green floors”.