Before flooring

Before you begin the use of leather flooring, you should allow the tiles to be acclimatized to the weather conditions. Meanwhile, make sure that the floor is completely clean and devoid of dirt, tiny particles and bumpy surface. The surface has to be completely even because undulations on the floor can cause the flooring to look uneven and ruin the entire look of the room. Leather tiles can also be installed on walls for a very classy ambiance. In such a case, you need to make sure that the wall surface is clean and stripped of paint and lime coating, if any. All traces of oils and grease should also be removed from the surface. The tiles have to be waxed in order to make them more resistance towards moisture and staining. If you want a green floor, you can choose recycled leather. However, these are mixed with natural latex.


For foolproof acclimatization of your leather floor, you need to give it one week. However, you should not keep them for more than a month. Before installing, clean the tiles. Simple mopping will do the trick. Harsh chemicals should not be used. Furthermore, you should take care that the leather does not come into contact with extreme temperatures as it might cause some damage.