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Four Popular Hardwood Flooring Stains and Treatments

Hardwood flooring is popular because of its classic good looks, solid underfoot feel and reliable durability.  A quality hardwood floor can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Part of this maintenance is the application of stains, finishes and other treatments.  [...]

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Why Laminate Flooring is Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more mainstream by the year.  No longer does the term “eco-friendly” only resonate with a small, fringe proportion of the population.  It’s on the minds of everybody - from young children to the most powerful [...]

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How Engineered Hardwood Flooring Can Increase Your Home’s Value

For those who look at their house as an investment, the addition of engineered hardwood floors can be one of the easiest ways to increase its value.  Flooring is one of the first things that buyers see when they enter [...]

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