How to care for laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is one of the most sought after floorings in the present day owing to the enhanced visual appeal and functionality. They are easier to maintain than real wood cleaning. However, they do require regular maintenance. The benefits of a laminate floor over the conventional wood floor are that this floor is more resistance to staining and damage from moisture. Special care is required in places that experience high foot traffic.

Special care

Like wood flooring, the laminate floor also needs to be dry all the time. Mopping with a damp cloth can be the best thing you can do. Too much water on the plank can cause undesirable effects such as warping and swelling, causing the floor to become uneven. You should always make sure that you apply a layer of reliable waterproofing solution on the plank so as to increase its life. If water spills on the floor, clean it immediately. You need to place pads under the feet of the furniture in order to prevent scratching of the surface. When you move furniture, make sure that you do not drag it. Lift the piece and place it wherever you want to. If gaps appear between planks, cover them up immediately to save against entry of moisture and dirt.