So if leather flooring is soft like carpet, why not just use carpet? Well as mentioned leather flooring is harder and more durable than carpet, and while you might find that your carpet starts to look old and haggard after a while of your owning it, you will actually find that leather flooring improves with age as leather tends to age beautifully. If you look after it, then it will age like a fine wine and look more and more attractive over time.

Leather flooring is also much easier than carpet to clean, and especially if you use wax and acrylic coating that you considered. This then means that you will be able to treat your leather flooring much like hardwood floor or laminate flooring. In other words, to clean your leather flooring of dust and crumbs all you have to do is to simply sweep them up with a dust pan and brush. Unlike carpet leather flooring doesn’t have fibers or dips or holes in which crumbs and dust can collect and this means it will simply sit on top of it. That then means that you don’t need to get your leather flooring washed in the same way as carpet and means that the process of vacuuming will be much quicker and easier.