This wax also gives it a slightly more glossy finish that is akin to floor refinishing for your hardwood floor and polish. If you have leather flooring and you look after it with coatings thus, then you can probably expect it to out-survive you.

That said it is still best not to use even treated leather flooring in areas of high moisture. For instance you should not keep them in the bathroom where they are likely to get great pools of water on them. In these rooms bamboo floors or a hardwood floor would be better suited.

If you must keep your leather flooring somewhere with as much moisture as a bathroom then you can go one step further than waxing it and can instead use acrylic sealer. This is also advisable for leather flooring in the kitchen and it wouldn’t hurt elsewhere. Leather flooring overall though then is better suited to living rooms and bedrooms because of its softness that makes it akin to carpeting.