Likewise if you want to clean up water or spilled mess this is something you can do simply by wiping the liquid off of the surface of the leather flooring. Again this is unlike carpet which very quickly absorbs the liquid and which requires soaking and scrubbing and takes generally a very long amount of time.

Leather flooring will general come as leather floor tiles and this means that they are very practical for other reasons. If ever you want to get flooring that will last you a long time and that will be easy to keep clean and to repair where necessary, then you should look for flooring with tiles, or at least slats like laminate flooring. The reason for this is of course that something that has tiles will allow you to replace individual parts without taking apart the entire leather flooring. With carpet you see, if you indelibly stain the floor by spilling wine or oil, then you are permanently stuck with this. With tiles such as leather flooring, then if you do some kind of permanent damage to one part of the flooring, then you can simply lift up this tile and replace it individually.