This of course is far cheaper to replace your leather flooring and if you keep spare individual tiles somewhere then you can simply rotate them as soon as the damage is done – no big deal.

This also makes leather flooring even easier to clean. Why? Because if you do get some kind of very hard to remove mess, then you can simply remove the leather tile from the floor and then subject it to much more rigorous washing and scrubbing under a tap, or hot water, or disinfectant or generally anything that will make it completely clean again.

This then means less work for you as a result of having leather flooring much like having a hardwood floor or laminate flooring. Again like laminate flooring or a hardwood flooring on top for that, you will find that your leather flooring is considerably healthier and more hygienic all year around. This is because there isn’t any bacteria, dirt or insects beneath the surface as you can get with carpet.