That in turn means that you can lie down on the carpet and not worry about what has been there previously or about picking up germs, and it means you can let your children do so as well.

Leather is also very attractive and a great option for your home by its own merits and is equally as luxurious and attractive a choice as hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring, but also very versatile.

Any color you can get for leather couches you can get for your leather flooring and that means you can have brown, black, white, beige, brown, red, blue etc etc. At the same time then you can also opt for more adventurous leather flooring still. For instance you can have your leather flooring treated to look like alligator skin or snake skin – a very unique and exciting look that is bound to turn heads.

And as though all this wasn’t enough, leather flooring also benefits from a very attractive and alluring smell – that smell you only get with leather and that many people positively adore. What other flooring smells good on top of everything else?