Carpets have their place in the home and in many ways are very useful for providing a soft, insulating and colorful flooring. It is no coincidence that carpet is still practically the ‘default’ flooring and it’s not surprise that it is so very popular when it has so many advantages. It’s unlikely to be entirely replaced any time soon, and yet that doesn’t mean that it’s not important to consider the many advantages of engineered flooring and how it can aid your business. Here we will look at why you should use engineered flooring and how it can benefit you.

First of all, what is engineered flooring? Well essentially engineered flooring is flooring that has been in some way engineered. In other words this is like processed food – you are not going to come across engineered flooring in the wild when you are walking through a forest and it has been significantly altered from its original form.
The way in which the engineered flooring has been altered is normally through being amalgamated with other materials in order to create something unique.