This again is a demonstration of how leather flooring has advantages of stone or hardwood flooring but few of the drawbacks.

Of course if you need a very highly durable floor then hardwood flooring or bamboo floors will still be slightly better, and really it is a matter of finding the right floors for the right rooms that suit the style of flooring you are opting for.

How you treat your leather flooring will also play a role and this is important to consider. There are many treatments for leather flooring that can make it harder, more durable and longer lasting. For instance one treatment is a wax and this can help to make the leather flooring water resistant. This treating will then mean that if you spill water on your leather flooring that it won’t suddenly absorb it and become heavy and damaged, and likewise it will make it more resilient to mold and mildew if you intend to keep your leather flooring somewhere cold such as a porch or utility room outside. This wax provides a film over your leather that covers pores and prevents them from letting water seep in and this means that it will just sit on top.