At the same time, unlike stone or hardwood flooring, leather is a relatively good insulator and this means that it will hold the temperature of your home in well. That in turn means that you can enjoy a relatively low energy bill which won’t be the case with a stone floor or necessarily with a hardwood floor. You can this way help to save the environment too (along with the fact that you are using naturally occurring materials that aren’t in short supply). This in turn means as well that standing on leather flooring in bare feet won’t be as cold underfoot or as comfortable. You can wake up first thing in the morning and step out of bed in bare feet and not be suddenly woken by a sharp cold that can be associated with some other hard floors like stone.

As well as being very insulating for heat, leather is also great as a way to insulate against sound and if you want to create a quiet environment then leather flooring is a great idea. While a hardwood flooring or stone floor might echo and reflect a lot of noise, a leather floor will simply absorb this making it perfect again for bedrooms and other such rooms.