Leather floorings will give your house an entirely unique look. These kinds of floorings are usually opted by people who want a customized appeal for their house. Leather floorings are found in different shapes, sizes and textures. Therefore pick a leather flooring pattern that compliments the deco of your house. Leather flooring materials can also be dyed and embossed, which means that you can implement your artistic ideas to create a new look.

Most people are under the opinion that leather flooring tiles are not as durable as wooden tiles; however, this perception is incorrect as leather flooring will also last for ages, provided you take care of it properly. All you need to do is give the leather flooring an occasional soft brush sweep. Apply bees wax at least two or three times a year to retain the shiny look on the surface of the leather tiles.

Leather flooring won’t last long if they are kept in extremely moist surroundings. Leather tiles must be installed in rooms that have very less humidity. Direct sunlight can spoil the texture of the leather, so keep leather material away from areas with massive sunlight. Invasion hardwood & décor is known for its exclusive leather flooring designs. Cost of leather tiles entirely depends on our specifications; customized leather floorings are costlier than regular ones.