You’d be a very unique person if you admitted to liking cleaning your hardwood floors.  However, there are people who make this their life’s work.  It’s from these professionals who we can learn a thing or two.  If you want to learn how to clean your hardwood flooring like a pro, check out this article.



The first major step in keeping your floors looking fresh and new is to clean them on a regular basis.  The more often you remove dust, dirt and other debris, the less chance the floor will begin to show wear and tear.  The longer you leave your floors between cleaning, the more likely they’ll become damaged.  And they’re absolutely guaranteed to look dirty.  Daily sweeping is a must.  Deeper cleanings should also occur regularly.  Make it a routine and it’ll simply become part of your lifestyle.


The Microfibre Mop

A microfibre dust mop will be the most useful device in your cleaning tool box.  They can be used several times a day and will not harm the floor or its finish.  This will get rid of dust and other dirt and prevent them from harming the floor.  Sweeping several times a day will also mean the dirt doesn’t get a chance to build up and create bigger problems.   Microfibre dust mops work really well on other floor surfaces too, so they can quickly become an all round handy piece of equipment.  



It’s also good to vacuum hardwood floors about once a week.  Vacuuming can pick up dust and dirt that falls between the seams of the planks which might not be so easily picked up with a mop.  The type of vacuum you use isn’t incredibly important as long as you’re using the proper attachment to prevent scratching the floor.  


Wet Cleaning

You have to be careful with moisture and hardwood floors.  Too much moisture can lead to damage, so apply any liquid cleaner sparingly.  One of the best, all natural cleaners for sealed hardwood floors is vinegar. To clean hardwood flooring with vinegar, dilute about 50 to 60 ml of white vinegar per litre of water.  You can add a couple of drops of essential oil as well if you’re looking to freshen up the room.  Give your sealed hardwood floor a wet cleaning once every month or two to get rid of caked on dirt.