Trickling Flooring

Redoing your floors is one of the simplest ways to give your house a dramatic makeover.  Choosing which type of flooring to install may be a little more difficult.  To try and help you out while keeping in tune with the current festive season, we’ve put together an article covering the top flooring choices for your holiday wish list!


Reclaimed Barn Wood

If you’re going for a warm, rustic feel, reclaimed barn wood is the perfect type of flooring.  And because of advances in technology, you don’t even have to go to the country to source them anymore.  The weathered and distressed appearance combined with odd shaped pieces has now been replicated in the factory.  Tiles that look like barn wood mean easier installation and the elimination of worries about structural integrity.


Graphic Tile

Again, advances in technology have created a whole new category of flooring.  Designers are able to print virtually any type of graphic on tiling these days.  Bold graphics, realistic faux finishes and adventurous colours are some of the newer designs available.  If you’re looking for something completely unique, graphic tiles are only limited by your imagination.


Trickling Floor Patterns

Using a trickling floor pattern can create a unique transition from one area to another.  These patterns start off solidly uniform and then trickle off and eventually give way to another flooring type.  Tiles are especially effective for this kind of layout, but the same can be accomplished with planks or other shapes and configurations.  


Patterned Hardwood

Herringbone, chevron and parquet floors create an elegant, sophisticated look that can still be appreciably casual and relaxed.  Patterned hardwood floors are often laid out to lend a personalized feel to the room.  You can repeat these patterns throughout the room or create a focal point by laying down a singular, central design.


Distressed Flooring

Similar to barn wood flooring, you can get naturally distressed flooring or you can get flooring that’s been artificially aged.  Scraped and brushed boards give the floor some visual texture and provide warmth and style to a room.  That said, you’re not limited to wood either.  Concrete and tile can also be manufactured to appear distressed and worn as well.