Why Hard Wood Floors

Hardwood floor are trend since centuries. These floorings are gracing many homes. They are even used in elegant homes of king and queens. They are famous because of their beauty and durability. They have always been popular and have gained importance over the traditional carpets due their low maintenance and beauty. Hardwood floors are available in many types, and because of this, the people get confused as to what will best fit in their budget and home. However, by understanding the different floor types and their features, you can make a good choice of a floor.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

They are mainly two types of hardwood flooring – solid wood and engineered wood. Solid wood flooring is cut from a log. These floors are available in various width and lengths. Solid hard wood is sensitive to humidity and moisture and hence suitable bedding has to be provided or the floor has to be installed above ground level on small stunts. Engineering wood floors are also available in variety and therefore the selection of right suitable floor is often confusing and frustrating. If you stay in a place that is high in moisture, an engineered floor will be a good option because the resin layer underneath provide the suitable protection.