Hard Wood Flooring

Hard wood gives high end appeal to your flooring. It makes the house look classy elegant and luxurious. Hard wood can be of mahogany, cherry, oak, maple wood, tiger wood and other exotic varieties of wood. The mahogany hard wood flooring is a reddish brown colour and it is slightly darker then cherry. It has smooth texture and has always been a favourite for furniture. It is best suitable in hot and humid regions. It has a better ability to resist damage due to moisture and heat.

Popular hardwood flooring

One of the popular wood floorings is made up of cherry wood. It has gorgeous golden and brown colour. Traditional and famous homes have been found making use of cheery hard wood for their flooring. Tiger wood again is used for furniture, cabinetry and boat building. It is exotic Brazilian wood and is almost orange in colour. It has stripes or veins, which make it resemble the patterns on a tiger. It is getting popular because of its high polish retention and ability to keep off stains. If you want to have flooring that wows your visitors, then choose Tiger wood. It is best suitable in entry ways and stairs ways.