This then means that in order to clean them you need to be very thorough with a vacuum and in most cases you won’t completely remove the dust and dirt until you get a professional carpet washing surface. At the same time these specks of dirt can include bits of food, bits of skin and other unpleasant things that can attract bacteria thereby making carpets less healthy. They are also the ideal hiding spot for insects and so with carpet you are far more likely to get insects or other infestations.

Then there’s the fact that carpets are softer and less durable than hard wood flooring. This then means that if you should scuff the carpet or drag something sharp across it, you would probably cause it to rip and tear and would thereby completely ruin your carpet. With hardwood flooring and engineered flooring this wouldn’t happen.

Likewise with engineered flooring you will still have flooring that is harder than laminate flooring which doesn’t use a real thick plank of wood on its top layer in the same way. This means that you are getting all the same benefits from engineered flooring as you do from hardwood flooring.