The other bonus of hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring is that they are cheaper. This is because your engineered flooring has been processed and worked on in order to end up as it is today and thus you are paying higher labor costs for it.
Don’t let this mislead you though, for while the engineered flooring might be more expensive in itself, it is also cheaper to install meaning you will earn some of this initial investment back. Engineered floors are quicker and easier to install as they are able to use various patented installation systems such as unilin or fiboloc. This then means that you can install them quickly yourself. Even where these patented methods have not been used, the installation is generally easier because they utilize a ‘floating’ installation meaning the planks are not fastened to the floor (remember that hardwood flooring can be nailed down). This also makes them quicker and easier to replace and repair as you can simply unfix them and lift them off.