That said, there are still reasons to opt for hardwood flooring or bamboo floors over engineered flooring and they do have some advantages. First of all, there is the fact that solid hardwood floors are made of thicker wood. This is because they are made from one solid wood all the way through and that means that you get more ‘useable’ floor. This then means that there is a bigger layer between your feet and the tongue of the wood and this is most useful when it comes to floor refinishing. As mentioned when you use floor refinishing you are sanding away the top layer and this means that you are able to get rid of imperfections on the top. Of course though it also means that you are making the floor thinner as you go, and if you have engineered flooring then it will be sooner before you have warn through the proper hardwood on the top layer.

For this same reason you are also able to install hardwood flooring with nails and that’s because you can hit all the way through it and it will all be just as durable. It also means that the floors can stand up slightly more to penetrative damage.