Blends in with all decors

Hardwood floors have never gone out of fashion. They are as much in vogue now as they were centuries ago. Besides providing a perfect backdrop for various decorations schemes, these floors are durable when maintained well and so, will be the loyal accessories of your indoor spaces for decades. Notwithstanding the fact that authentic hardwood flooring is now more expensive than ever before and that there are umpteen options in flooring available, this flooring still holds the pride of place when it comes to flooring choices. The major reason why hardwood flooring has stood the test of time is because they are adaptable to any decoration schemes. In a way, they blend in with all decors because of their neutral color and natural visual appeal. They are extensively used in ethnic decoration schemes as well as the modern ones. They blend in perfectly well with stone as well as with glass and chrome. Due to this flexibility, hardwood floors are the most liked floors all over the world.

Hardwood floor varieties

There are two kinds of hardwood flooring that are available – natural hardwood and engineered hardwood. In the modern days, engineered hardwood flooring is more preferred because they are more resistant to moisture and can be used in basements as well unlike natural hardwood that cannot be used in places like below grade basements because of the high moisture content. United States and Canada are the only two countries that still prefer natural hardwood for their flooring.