A more practical flooring option than natural hardwood

Gone are the days when people struggled to ship solid authentic hard lumber for the flooring of their homes. These are the days of laminate flooring, which provide the same luxury as that of natural hardwood while being a highly practical option. These are available in a wide range of colors and can be used as per the interior decoration scheme of the indoor space. Further, these are cost effective and more resistant to damaging agents as stains and moisture. They are also more resistant to denting because they are multilayered. While natural wood is not a practical option in public places, places that experience a lot of pedestrian traffic and strain of high heeled shoes and trolley movements, laminate floorings are good for use in all these places.

Multi-layered protection

Laminate flooring is made up of multiple layers that lend strength and stability to the floor. Usually, four layers consisting of treat layer at the top followed by a decorative layer, fiberboard core and a protective bottom layer are used. All the layers are merged and the finished product is a thick floorboard with enhanced protection. Any kind of wood can be used for laminate flooring since the engineering lends strength to the boards.