Durable and efficient as a flooring material

While natural hardwood floors are much preferred for flooring, the use of engineered wood flooring, also called laminate flooring, is picking up extensive following. In the United States and Canada, this kind of flooring is called floating wood tile or floating wood flooring. The difference between natural and engineered wood floor lies in the underlying layers. Natural hardwood is made completely from lumber while laminated floor has a top layer of natural wood and the underlying layers are of laminate material such as photographic appliqués. This underlying layer forms a protective cover from below and protects wood from moisture and other factors that cause damage. Owing to this reason, laminate flooring is more durable and less expensive because a thinner layer of natural wood is used. Laminate flooring can either be made up of a single resin underlying layer or multi-layered synthetic resins.

Laminate flooring is attractive and durable

Laminate flooring provides enhanced protection for the wood. They lend the same visual appeal as that of natural wood but cut out major drawbacks such as rotting and low moisture resistance. Laminate floorings are provided with a bottom glue layer for easy installation. They are easier to maintain and their scope of use is higher than natural wood.