For many years, laminate floors have had a bad reputation.  Low quality, cheap looking and noisy were terms that were often associated with laminate flooring.  But times and technologies have changed and a lot of the old criticisms of laminate flooring are no longer true.  In this article, we’ll go over a number of points that explain why laminate flooring is becoming more popular.


Laminate flooring is able to withstand heavy traffic and high rates of footfall.  Its durability makes it ideal for areas that get a lot of use and allows it to resist wear and tear.  The way that laminate flooring is constructed these days means that can be even more durable than hardwood.  If you’re looking for a flooring material in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic, laminate flooring is an ideal choice.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintaining laminate flooring is a relatively simple procedure.  Daily sweeping and mopping up of any spills is all that’s really required.  You won’t need to invest in a floor buffer, waxes, strippers and polishes.  You can enjoy a good looking floor without a whole lot of extra work when you install laminate flooring.

Stain And Fade Resistance

Many types of floors, ranging from solid hardwood to stone and vinyl are prone to stains and fading.  Laminate floors remove that worry and stay looking brand new for years.  Because of breakthroughs in the wear layer of laminate flooring you don’t have to worry about spills causing stains or sunlight leading to fading.


Laminate flooring is still much cheaper than many other kinds of flooring including solid hardwood.  And because it lasts for such a long time, you’re getting true value for your money.  You can get a great looking floor without an eye watering price tag.

Laminate floorings were always criticized for their inability to deal with water.  Well, that’s now changed.  Recent breakthroughs in laminate coatings have made the flooring water resistant and usable anywhere in the house.  You can now install laminate flooring in the bathroom without worrying about cupping, curling or warping.