Although we may barely notice it, your flooring plays large role in how your room looks.  Some people believe that the colour of your flooring can even change how large your room appears.  It’s thought that dark colours absorb more light than lighter colours reflect which can make a space look smaller.  But does dark hardwood flooring make a room look small in every case?  In this article we’ll demonstrate that things are so cut and dried when it comes to flooring.  Just because your hardwood is dark doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be feeling claustrophobic.

Contrasting Colours

If you’ve already got dark hardwood floors and aren’t looking to change them anytime soon, you easily can use colour contrasting to change the room’s appearance.  The colour of paint you use on your walls will ultimately play a larger part in the perception of size.  By contrasting dark floors with lighter colours on the walls the room will open up.  You can also use colourful throw rugs, furniture and decorations to the same effect.

Reduce Clutter

If you’re concerned about the size of your room but enamoured with dark hardwood floors, cutting down on the number of objects in the room will open the space the up.  Consider reducing the amount of furniture you have or even going for smaller sizes.  Cut down your decorations to a few simple focal pieces and you’ll add the illusion of much more space.

Try A Different Layout

If you’re about to install your floor you might want to consider laying it down at an angle.  The diagonal lines created by the seams between the planks work to draw the eye outwards and makes the room appear larger.  It’s a visually interesting look that can allow dark floors to be incorporated in smaller spaces.

Add A Single Dark Wall

This tip may seem counterintuitive to the suggestion of contrasting colours between walls and floors.  However, creating an accent wall by painting one of the walls a darker colour than the rest, the room will feel more expansive.  This optical illusion works by tricking the eye into believing the accent wall is farther away than the rest.