Vinyl flooring has had a poor reputation for quite some time.  It’s been labelled as an ugly material that’s installed in lesser used areas simply because it’s cheap.  However, technological and aesthetic innovations have been able to reverse opinions of this once denigrated flooring material.  This article will go over how the material has changed and give answers to the question, “Why choose vinyl flooring?”


The fact is that vinyl flooring is still cheaper to install than many other materials.  However, this is not a reason to hate vinyl. As will be shown in in this article there are plenty of other benefits to installing vinyl.  The fact that it won’t break your budget makes it that much more attractive. Save your renovation money for other things by choosing vinyl flooring.


Technological advances have made vinyl flooring even more sturdy than it has been in the past.  Engineered vinyl has several layers which can make it last as long as natural materials such as hardwood or stone.  You can choose wear layers of varying thicknesses which protect the vinyl top layer. Underneath the top layer is a cushion layer which creates stability, a nice underfoot feel and protects against water damage and underfloor imperfections.


It used to be that vinyl was only available in large sheets that needed to be cut down to size to fit in a room.  Nowadays, vinyl comes in a wide variety of options. Vinyl sheeting is still available and by far the cheapest option, but you can also now get vinyl tiles.  These can be glued down or assembled as floating floors which can be clicked and locked into place. Vinyl planks are also available and do a very good job of mimicking hardwood floors without the associated cost.  


Vinyl floors are easily cleaned and require very little maintenance.  You won’t have to worry about spills or moisture like you do with hardwood.  Vinyl is simple cleaned with a broom, a mop, a vacuum cleaner or even a damp cloth.  Vinyl flooring takes out all the worry of cleaning and maintenance that you’ll come across with other types of flooring materials.