Because it’s very unlikely that you’ll be changing your flooring year after year, some people think that following flooring trends for the upcoming year is a waste of time.  But the fact is that keeping on top of trends allows one to understand the ebb and flow of style and fashion and gives one the ability to make an informed decision when the time comes round to actually redo the floors.  So whether or not you’re thinking of upgrading the floors in your house or place of business this year, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on what’s happening. To that end, we present three flooring trends for 2019.

Engineered Hardwood

It wasn’t that long ago that when it came to wooden floors that consumers only had a choice between cheap looking laminate floors or incredibly expensive solid hardwood floors.  Engineered hardwood planks have changed the game completely. Cost effective, yet stable, durable and good looking, engineered hardwoods have allowed home and business owners to get a good looking floor that’s durable without having to break the bank.  If you’re looking for the benefits of solid hardwoods without any of the drawbacks, engineered hardwood floors are an easy choice.

Sustainable Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic woods had a bad name for many years due to unscrupulous harvesting practices and real environmental harm.  The flooring sector has since come to terms with the negative effects for both the industry and the environment and has gone out of its way to repair its reputation with a set of guidelines that promotes sustainability and good environmental practices while respecting indigenous communities and fragile ecosystems.  There are a number of exotic woods that can be harvested sustainably while still providing the consumer with a great look. Expect to see more of these sustainable exotics in the coming year.

Long And Wide Boards

It’s been a trend for a few years now, but longer and wider floorboards are more popular than ever.  And you don’t necessarily need to cut down the biggest tree in the forest to get them anymore. Engineering has allowed the creation of longer and wider boards even if the largest trees no longer exist.  This allows for fewer seams to show on floors and gives a more rustic, old timey feel to the room.