If you’re putting your house on the market, it only stands to reason that you’re looking for the highest selling price possible.  And although it may be overlooked by sellers, flooring is one of the most prominent aspects confronting potential buyers. Consider how much space is occupied by flooring and you’ll understand why this is.  So what type of flooring do home buyers prefer? In this article we go over various parts of the house and evaluate flooring types.



The entryway is the first part of the house a potential buyer will see, so a good first impression is crucial.  An entryway that’s dirty or displaying wear and tear can send the buyer mentally packing before they’ve even seen the rest of the house.  Solid materials such as hardwood or tile work best in the entryway as long as they’re in good condition.


Living Rooms, Dining Rooms And Hallways

Hardwoods are by far the preferred flooring materials in these rooms.  That said, consistency is important throughout the various parts. Mismatched flooring can be disconcerting to home buyers, so some minor renovations might be worth your while.  But hard surfaces, whether tile, hardwood or even laminate seem to go over better than carpeting these days.



Bedrooms are one of the few rooms where you can get away with carpeting.  That said, if it’s old, worn out or malodourous, it might be more cost efficient to strip it back or replace it altogether.  Speak to your realtor for ideas on how to optimize your bedroom flooring.



Tile is likely the best material for bathroom floors.  It’ll be water resistant while looking smart. The bathroom is not a place for carpet or water-damage prone hardwood.  Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of the house when it comes to buyer impressions, so getting this right will be favourable to your sale.



Kitchens are probably the most important room when it comes to selling your house.  A beautiful kitchen can add tens of thousands of dollars to your final selling price and the floor plays as big a role in the overall impression as all the other elements.  Hardwood has become much more popular in kitchens these days, although tile is still more than acceptable. Both look great and are easy to clean as long as they’re in good condition.