These days there’s a lot of interest in making your own hardwood flooring cleaners.  Not only do homemade floor cleaning solutions generally cost less, they often skip out on the harmful chemicals that many of the over-the-counter products rely upon.  It’s very possible to make an effective hardwood flooring with products that you can find around the home.  In this article we detail five DIY hardwood flooring cleaners.

Vinegar Water Solution

The weak acid of a vinegar water solution makes it an excellent all-round cleaner that doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals typically found in over-the-counter products.  Not only can a vinegar and warm water solution work to clean windows, mirrors, kitchen surfaces and bathrooms, it works great on hardwood floors as well.  Just make sure not to saturate the floor and wipe up any excess.

Vinegar Water Solution With Essential Oils

The smell of vinegar can be unpleasant for some people.  That said, you can still use a vinegar water solution without leaving behind the acrid smell.  Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to add a pleasant aroma.

Dish Soap And Water

If your floors are heavily soiled, you may need some extra cleaning power when you mop.  A generous squirt of dish soap into your bucket can help with removing the caked on dirt on your hardwood floors.  For some extra cleaning power you might also consider adding vinegar to the soap and water solution.

Vegetable Oil And Vinegar

Although it may sound more like a salad dressing, spraying a solution of vegetable oil and vinegar onto your floor will not only help with cleaning, but it will add a nice shine without the need for a chemical based polish.  This also works well if it’s been specifically recommended that water shouldn’t be used on your floorboards.


The drink that the British are known for actually makes a good cleaner for hardwood floors.  Although best used for spot cleaning, it is possible to make a large bucket of tea to mop down the entire floor surface.  Simply brew tea bags as usual and let the resulting infusion cool down before dipping in a rag or mop.