When it comes to the daily cleaning of hardwood floors, simple sweeping and dry mopping is all that’s normally required.  However, when it comes time for a deeper cleaning, you may need to employ a dedicated hardwood flooring cleaner.  So, what cleaners should be used for hardwood flooring?  To help you choose from the top name brands that are readily available, we’ve compiled a list with some of their pros and cons.


Murphy Oil Soap

Murphy Oil Soap is probably one of the most well known brands of hardwood flooring cleaners.  It’s been on the market for over 100 years and is readily and cheaply available in most grocery and hardware stores.  It’s also one of the most recommended hardwood flooring cleaning products by the flooring manufacturers themselves.  On the other hand, those with an unfavourable opinion of this formula often complain about its smell and the waxy buildup that it may leave behind.  


Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner

Pledge is another very common household cleaner name that’s conveniently found in most grocery and hardware stores.  Although the brand produces a wide range of household cleaning products, it does feature a few that are specifically formulated for hardwood flooring.  To its credit, it’s probably the cheapest wood flooring cleaner on the market.  However, some consumers avoid the brand due to its reliance on chemicals.


Bona Wood Cleaner

Bona is a 100 year old Swedish company known for producing a wide variety of products associated with maintaining hardwood flooring including cleaning solutions, microfibre mops and floor maintenance kits.  As it’s typically considered a professional cleaning alternative, the products aren’t typically found in every grocery or hardware store, so might be more difficult to source.  It also comes with a higher price point than the more commonly available cleaning products.


Method Squirt + Mop Wood Floor Cleaner

Method is a relative newcomer on the hardwood flooring cleaning product scene, hitting the market in 2001.  An American based company, it has made its name by creating eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t rely on toxic ingredients.  Although more expensive than the cheapest products available, consumers can take comfort in the fact that the brand is known for embracing the highest environmental standards.