The two most common floor coverings, carpet and hardwood, are often pitted against each other when buyers are trying to decide on the best flooring material.  When it comes to the carpet vs hardwood flooring debate, breaking down the advantages of each is the easiest way to figure out which material is best for your situation.  To help with your decision, we’ve prepared this article.


There’s no doubt that hardwood is a much more durable flooring material than carpet.  Hardwood can last for decades while carpet rarely stays in good condition after being used for more than a decade.  If you want a flooring material that will last, hardwood is the obvious choice.


Carpeting provides a warm, soft underfoot feel while also reducing the noise caused by footsteps.  When it comes to rooms in which you’re often found barefoot, such as the bedroom, carpet can be a very comfortable choice.  However, carpet can also emit noxious fumes and harbour allergens that can affect sensitive noses.  Hardwood is a natural material that won’t emit fumes while allowing for easy cleaning.  However, the nature of hardwood flooring means it’s conducive to sound transmission – especially on upper floors.

Value And Cost

When it comes to increasing the value of a property, hardwood is the better choice of the two flooring materials.  Most real estate agents agree that houses that feature hardwood flooring throughout go for a higher price and are much easier to sell than those that have wall to wall carpeting.  However, hardwood flooring is much more expensive than carpeting, both in price per square foot and in installation costs.

Eco Friendliness

As most carpets are made of synthetic materials, they fall behind hardwood flooring in the eco friendliness category.  Both the production and the disposal of carpeting can be environmentally hazardous propositions.  And while the use of exotic hardwoods may not be the most environmentally conscious decision, there are now many laws in place designed to limit the degradation of the forests and atmosphere.