Hardwood flooring debuted at Versailles in 1683 and has remained popular ever since due to their beauty and durability. In the years since there have been several common myths about hardwood floors that have surfaced, however, they are incorrect. Unfortunately, these myths have caused individuals to spend unnecessary money and have created many headaches along the way.

Let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding hardwood flooring and help get the facts straight.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors is a Simple DIY Project

Although many people have attempted this on their own, the majority have not received the results that they had expected. There are tool shops that will rent floor sanders, however, the equipment quality generally is not the greatest and is no match for professional grade tools. Hardwood floors have what is called a ‘wear layer’ which can continually be sanded away and refinished for the life of the flooring. Someone that is not experienced in refinishing can all too easily take off more wood than necessary, reducing the overall lifespan of their floor or even seriously damaging it.

Hardwood Floors Need to Be Waxed Frequently

This myth was the truth many, many years ago when floors were often finished with tung oil which was not very durable or lasting. In the 1930’s, polyurethane finishes were introduced to create the first hardwood floors that did not require waxing. Floors manufactured today are even more durable and their finish does not require wax to be protected. Unnecessarily waxing a floor can be a safety risk, especially when individuals are wearing socks as they can get incredibly slippery and may cause falls or injuries.

High-Quality Finish Will Never Scratch

Some types of wood are more resistant to scratches and dents, but there is no type of wood that is 100% scratch or dent proof. The modern finishes on hardwood flooring today are superior for resisting wear, but cannot entirely prevent damage from a sharp object being dragged across the floor.

Hardwood Floors Shouldn’t Be Used in a Kitchen

The opposite is true, hardwood floors are an excellent choice for kitchens as they can tolerate heavy traffic, require minimal maintenance and give an elegant and inviting appearance.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding hardwood flooring in your home, contact one of our flooring experts for assistance.