Solid hardwood flooring is a beautiful accent to any home, however, if you need some flexibility in how or where it can be installed, engineered hardwood flooring may be the optimal solution. Although it is a composite product, the top layer is genuine hardwood and still provides a stunning finish to any room. If you are not familiar with what engineered hardwood flooring is, here is what you need to know.

How is it Made?

Engineered hardwood flooring is constructed from multiple layers that are pressed and glued crosswise. This is what makes the core of the flooring incredibly durable and more resistant to temperature and moisture compared to traditional solid hardwood flooring. The layered construction also makes it less likely to form gaps, swell or buckle. After the core has been manufactured, a thick layer of hardwood veneer is applied to the top. Since it looks the same as solid hardwood, only homeowners will know the difference.

Durable and Looks Fantastic

Another benefit of engineered hardwood is that is less susceptible to dents and scratches compared to solid hardwood and is easier to maintain. There is a huge variety of factory finishes that can be chosen to match the decor and style of your home. As the finish is applied before the flooring is installed, there is no down time and it can be walked on immediately.

Depending on the thickness of the top layer veneer, if a scratch does occur, the floors can usually be sanded similar to solid hardwood floors. It will keep its beauty for years to come provided it is maintained, which simply requires being kept free of dirt and using a wet mop to clean.

Installation Options

There are several installation options for engineered hardwood flooring, including being able to use in basements as it can handle higher humidity levels than solid hardwood can. Depending on the condition and circumstances of your home, it may also be able to be installed over dry concrete floors, installed as a floating floor or with the traditional nailed technique.

If you have any more questions about engineered hardwood flooring and how it may be an excellent choice for your home, call one of our experts at Invision today.