Hardwood flooring has been a mainstay of living rooms, hallways and stairwells for decades.  Certain trends such as plank width, length or colour may have changed throughout the years, but hardwood has always been a popular, versatile and durable flooring option.  When it comes to the most popular colours of hardwood, timing has a lot to do with what’s on trend. The early 21rst century is no exception. In this article we discuss some of the top hardwood flooring colours of the day.


Grey is definitely the most recent trend in hardwood flooring colours.  Aside from extra wide hardwood planks, grey is probably the most dominating new trend to come around in a long time.  As a neutral colour it can work with most other colours and patterns. It adds to a home’s modern look and works best with modern furnishings and colour schemes.  Grey floors are good at hiding dust and scratches making them easier to keep looking fresh than darker hardwoods. The lighter colour is also good for opening a room up and making it look larger.


White or off-white hardwood floors are part of the same trend that grey coloured floorboards have started.  That said, these very light coloured boards work better with a vintage farmhouse look or in houses that mix traditional with modern.  Again, their light colour allows them to hide dirt and scuffs making it easier to maintain the look of cleanliness and freshness. As they’re good at reflecting light, they can brighten up a room that doesn’t get a whole lot of natural sunlight.


Dark hardwood flooring is coming back into fashion after a long period of being ignored.  Dark coloured woods work well with wide planks and give a room a feeling of formality and class.  If you choose dark planks with a hand scraped finish you’ll find it hides scuffs, scrapes and dust much easier than shiny floors.


Light coloured hardwood floors were very popular in the 70s and 80s, but fell out of favour for quite awhile.  They offer a lot of practicalities that aren’t found in darker shades. Light coloured floors are good at hiding scratches and dust which makes them popular for people with young children or pets.