It used to be that wood flooring would never be considered for use in a bathroom. Pooled water, splashes and humidity would make a quick mess of a traditional wooden floor. Boards would curl, buckle and cup in no time at all. But times have changed. Advances in polyurethane sealants and prefinished planks may not have created actual waterproof wood flooring materials, but water resistant wood flooring is definitely now a thing. This has revolutionized the way that bathrooms are being decorated. To help you take advantage of these advances we present four ideas for wood bathroom flooring.

A Mix Of Wood And Tile

If you’re not 100% sure about keeping a wood floor properly maintained in a bathroom, you can still benefit from the good looks of wood flooring while protecting the wettest parts of the room. By combining wood planks with sections of tile around the bathtub, sink and shower you’ll give your bathroom a natural, organic feel while ensuring the splash zones are well covered. The matching of wood with tile will give you an outstanding array of decorating options.

Wooden Slats

Take a tip from the manufacturers of saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms and utilize wooden slats to create a penetrable wooden floor that’s specifically designed to deal with large amounts of water. Woods such as cedar, redwood or teak can be spaced far enough apart that the water simply trickles through to a subfloor with drainage capabilities. These woods can instill an atmosphere of the Far East or the Baltics.

Reclaimed Wood

No longer is reclaimed wood limited to the kitchen or bedroom. Advances in wood coatings and seam filling means these stylized woods can now help create a farmhouse elegance in the bathroom as well. Add some warmth and rustic-aged style as a contrast to the porcelain and steel of the bathroom fixtures.

Herringbone Planks

Not all wooden floors have to be long and straight. Herringbone planks provide an element of depth to any room, including the bathroom. This zig-zag pattern works well in a small room by tricking the eye into making it seem larger. Herringbone floors also allow you to use a natural material while still providing a sense of elegance.