If you have children in the house you might be somewhat reticent to invest a significant amount of money into a hardwood floor.  And while it’s true that there are some hardwoods that are more delicate than others, many hardwoods are able to stand up to the rigours and foibles of young children.  In fact, some hardwoods can be more child friendly than other types of flooring materials. In this article we’ll go over three reasons hardwood flooring is child-friendly.

Easy To Clean

For a busy parent, spending significant amounts of time cleaning floors is just not an option.  There are too many other important things that take priority when it comes to raising young children.  A spill on a hardwood floor really only requires a damp cloth or a quick mopping or sweeping. Try that on a carpet when a glass of juice or a potted plant gets knocked over.  When you have a hardwood floor there’s no need to pull out the vacuum cleaner or stain remover every time something gets spilled. Lighter coloured hardwood floor also have the added bonus of hiding dirt quite well.  Even if you don’t have time to completely sweep up before guests arrive, your floors won’t look like they’ve been treated as an outdoor playground.

A Healthy Flooring Material

Hardwood floors are created from natural materials that won’t give off toxic gas fumes like many synthetic carpets will.  You need to be careful of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are part of the carpet making process. They can make you and your children sick.  Children are even more susceptible to such toxins. Another reason why hardwood floors are the more healthy choice is that they don’t trap dirt and debris like carpets do.  Children spend a lot of their time in direct contact with the floor. Dust, dirt and other filth can trigger allergies, asthma and sickness.

A Durable Flooring Material

Kids are tough on homes, there’s no doubt about that.  Durability becomes a primary concern once children become part of the household.  And although some hardwoods can be quite delicate, those that rate high on the Janka scale can be stronger than other flooring options.  Woods like bamboo are quite resistant to scratching and denting and therefore very child-friendly.