Hardwood floors are the most iconic flooring material available. Good looking, long lasting and offering a great underfoot feel, hardwood is a popular flooring material for many reasons. But to keep your hardwood floor looking great you need to take care of it. To help ensure your investment continues to pay off we’ve come up with a list of 5 tips for maintaining your hardwood floors.

Daily Cleaning

Cleaning your floors on a regular basis will not only keep them looking tidy, but regularly removing dust, dirt and debris will prevent scratching and accumulation of grime. Many think that daily sweeping of a hardwood floor is the best way to keep it clean, but much of the dust ends up floating in the air only to settle back down on the floor after a few minutes. The best way to keep your hardwood floor clean on a daily basis is to use a microfibre dust mop or a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designed for hardwood.

Take Off  Your Shoes

This is a simple, yet effective way of keeping your floor free from scuffs and scratches. Shoes tend to drag mud, pebbles and other dirt into the house which wear down the surface of your floor. To make it easy, place a door mat and set up a place near the front door where you can take off and store your shoes. Consider supplying indoor slippers for you and your guests as well.

Take Care Of Spills Immediately

Liquids can be severely damaging to hardwood floors. Whenever you have a spill make sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Leaving water to sit can cause your floorboards to cup and warp.

Use Furniture Foot Protectors

Moving furniture can easily scratch up your hardwood floors. Prevent this from happening by installing felt protectors on the feet of your couches, tables and chairs. When moving furniture around, make sure to lift it and not drag it across the floor.

Use The Correct Cleaning Products

There are many floor cleaning products available, but not all of them are meant for hardwood floors. Speak to your local hardwood floor dealer to find out what products will keep your floors looking great without having to worry about any damage occurring.