Before you invest your money, it is always recommended to consider both sides of the coin. Bamboo flooring is very durable and won’t be damaged within a short time of installation. There are different types of bamboo flooring. All bamboo floorings are resistant against scratch and denture. It will not be spoiled when something is dropped on the floor. It is resistant against moisture this is because it is a tropical grass and not wood, it is able to resists high humidity and rain. It is also resistant against spilling. However, make sure it is should not be exposed to too much water.

Bamboo floorings are laminated and won’t go out of shape easily. It is very eco-friendly because it is made from rapidly renewable bamboo. If stand for a long time on bamboo floor you will not get pain in your feet in comparison to standing on hardwood flooring where your leg will immediately get tired. The bamboo reduces the tiredness of standing for prolong hours. One of the disadvantages of this type flooring is that it is more brittle than the hardwood flooring. Inadequate care can result in dents and scratches. Make sure you take proper care and keep it clean sparkling as good as new.