First things first, the materials you need are engineered wood floor kit, wood floor adhesive (for glue down flooring), sander/grinder, patching compound and trowel and a broom, mop, dustpan, vacuum cleaner. You need to decide on the flooring installation you would prefer: floating floor or glue down floor. For floating floor preparation you need to sweep the tiled surface and fill in any large holes in the tile with patching compound. For glue down floor you require to need the tiles and use a sander on the tiles to make the tile surface even so that the glue will stick firmly to the tiles.

Then trim door casings, allow the new flooring to fit under the bottoms of door casings by trimming them. Rest a piece of the new flooring against the door casing and lay a handsaw on top. Carefully saw through the casing and remove the sawed off bottom. In case of floating flooring, assemble the flooring by following the directions that comes with engineered flooring product. In case of glue down, start in corner of the room, use a grout trowel to apply hardwood floor adhesive to a portion of the floor, then immediately lay a portion of your flooring as per instructions.