removing or repairing hardwood floor scratches. Different scratches require different techniques, so assess your situation and act accordingly.

Scratches Affecting Only The Protective Coating

A minor scratch that affects only the protective coating of the floor is the easiest to fix. Simply rub the scratched area with a soft cloth dabbed with hardwood flooring cleaner until the scratch is smoothed out and the area cleaned. Rinse the affected spot with a small amount of fresh water and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply a new layer of coating and allow to dry overnight.

Scratches That Reach The Wood Surface

Clean the affected area well with hardwood flooring cleaner. Use steel wool to rub the scratch with the grain of the wood until the scratch is removed. You may need to blend the edges of the scratch into the surrounding areas. Rub a matching colour wax repair stick over the scratch to fill it in before allowing it to set. Buff and clean the repair with a soft cloth.

Gouges And Deep Scratches

Fixing deep scratches can take some skill, so you may need to consider calling a professional to do the job for you. Heavy gouges call for the floor to be stripped, the wood to be repaired with sanding and wood filler and for the floor to be refinished. If you have experience with this type of work it’s entirely possible to do it yourself, however, if you don’t have the time, expertise or proper tools, it’s probably more efficient to hire a professional.

Scratches In Polyurethane Coated Floors

Polyurethane coated floors require a different process for fixing scratches. It’s important not to use wax repair sticks or wax finishes as they will cause the polyurethane to fade and lose its lustre. To remove a scratch, rub the affected area with a scrubbing pad dabbed with mineral spirits before cleaning with a cloth and allowing to dry. Reapply a coating of polyurethane to restore the finish.