When you’re looking to buy a mop for your laminate floor, you should have been told that water will cause the laminate to buckle and warp.  And that’s true.  For that reason, most string styled and sponge headed mops are inappropriate for laminate floors.  Microfibre mops are the proper choice for a laminate floor.  There are several reasons why you should be using them rather than any other type of mop head.  Here’s 6:

Less Work

Compared to traditional mops, a microfibre mop is is much lighter and needs less elbow grease to make them effective.  You won’t need to put your back into scrubbing like you do with a sponge headed mop and you won’t need to make as many passes as you do with a string mop.

Reusable Heads

Microfibre mops come with reusable heads meaning you’re not continually throwing out mop heads as you do with sponge headed mops.  Once your microfibre mop head gets too dirty, simply put it into the washing machine and it’ll come out like new.

Attracts Dust

Microfibre mop heads act like a magnet that attracts dust, hair and dirt.  Rather than chasing dust bunnies around with a broom, a microfibre mop will have the dust bunnies chasing it.  No need for multiple passes like that required by a broom.

Wide Head

Microfibre mops feature a wide head that cuts down on the number of passes you need to make to cover the entire floor surface.  The wide head allows you to spend less time working on your floor.

Swivel Head

The swivel heads that are a common feature of microfibre mops make it easier to get into corners, get underneath furniture and navigate chair or table legs.

No Water Bucket

Because microfibre mops barely use any water, you’ll no longer need to drag a bucket around with you when cleaning your floors.  It’s easy to rinse the mop head in the sink and you won’t risk accidently knocking over a full water bucket which could spell disaster for your floor.