Flooring On A Budget

When it comes to home renovations, redoing your floors can be one of the more expensive jobs.  When you add up the costs of removing and disposing of the old flooring, installing the new flooring and the cost of the materials themselves, it’s hard to consider upgrading your floors a budget friendly process.  But there are ways that you can reduce the costs.  To help you learn how to choose flooring on a budget, we’ve put together this list.


Be Adaptable

Although you may have your heart set on an extremely durable solid hardwood from South America, you could save yourself a lot of money by considering something cheaper.  You might be able to find an engineered alternative with a similar hardness factor but a much lower price point.  Or you could get a much cheaper laminate that has the exact same look as your initial choice.  Allowing yourself to be adaptable could bring down your costs substantially.


Look For Overstock And Reusable Options

There’s a much greater emphasis on recycling these days and that can help reduce your budget.  Check around locally or online for overstock sellers, recyclers and salvage centres.  The product could be previously used or reclaimed, leftover scraps from large projects or brand new products that have been bought up in a liquidation or overstock sale.  There are significant savings to be had if you don’t buy brand new.


DIY Installation

Installing your own flooring can easily cut your budget in half.  Of course you have to have the skills to do a good job.  Some flooring materials absolutely require a certain amount of expertise.   But there are also flooring options that are made specifically for the DIYer.  Just give yourself enough time, have the proper tools and educate yourself as much as possible before you begin.


DIY Demolition

Part of the cost of flooring installation is getting rid of the old flooring.  It takes time, effort and money to rip out the old flooring and transport it to a proper disposal site.  If you think you can do this job yourself you can end up saving a day’s labour, transportation and disposal costs.