If you are looking into purchasing hardwood flooring for your house, you probably have a lot of questions. Invision Hardwood & Décor is here to provide you with a list of answers to various frequently asked questions regarding hardwood flooring, styles, and installation.

What Is the Most Durable Hardwood Flooring

This is an extremely common question. We recommend that you take a look at the Janka hardness test. On average, Balsa wood is measured at 100 pounds of force, while the strongest wood, Australian buloke is capable of withstanding 5,060 pounds of force. White oak hardwood flooring can withstand 1,360 pounds, 1,320 for ash, 2,350 for Brazilian cherry, 1,010 for North American walnut, 420 for western white pine, and 2,697 for red mahogany.

All hardwood flooring options have different levels of durability and weight thresholds. When choosing a new hardwood flooring for your home, you must keep in mind what type of room you will be placing it in, what type of traffic it will receive, whether or not children or animals live in the home, and the type of climate that you live in.

What Is the Difference Between Finished and Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

In short, hardwood flooring with a finish on it is ready to install and use. In contrast, an unfinished batch of hardwood flooring still needs to have finish applied, which will be applied by us when we install your new flooring. The major difference between the two options revolves around the need for a homeowner to control what type of finish is applied to their hardwood flooring.

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