Bamboo flooring not only adds natural beauty to your home, it is also long lasting. Bamboo floors are gaining huge popularity in Toronto these days. Bamboo flooring is widely preferred by house owners, because of the properties of bamboo and its environmental benefits.

Bamboo floors are strong and hard which makes them highly durable than most other hardwoods. Bamboo is very sturdy and can endure a lot of wear and tear. It is so strong that it can take huge impacts without leaving a scrape or dent.

One of the best properties of bamboo flooring is its water resistant nature. In addition to water resistance, bamboo flooring undergoes lamination procedure, which makes it resistant to bending and gapping. In Toronto, bamboo floors are recommended by designers to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, where other hardwood and laminate floorings cannot be used as they are not moisture resistant.

Bamboo is environment friendly and can be renewed. Bamboo is a grass plant and it grows back after every harvest, unlike trees. Bamboo is a fast growing plant which gains maturity in just five years. Other hardwood trees may take decades to reach maturity and they cannot be reused after cutting them down.

Bamboo flooring is naturally light in color. It requires less maintenance and is hugely sought after its green properties in Toronto.