Canada still remains a major player in the hardwood flooring industry. In fact, they are one of the top six producers of hardwood flooring and wood products in the world. Most of the hardwood flooring industry exists within Quebec and Ontario. These two provinces house a large portion of Canadian forests that are accessible to heavy industry. Invision Hardwood & Décor distributes hardwood flooring throughout Canada.

Long-term, Canada will face heavy competition in the hardwood flooring industry from China. As China continues to grow, they will search for new markets to exploit, and the hardwood flooring industry will be one of the many that they will come to dominate. However, most of China’s hardwood flooring industry is slated for domestic use. In fact, 75 percent of Chinese hardwood flooring production remains internal. The other 25 percent is exported to Europe (40%), Canada (13%), and the United States (26%).

Overall, the market in North America is relatively safe at the moment. The major challenge to its longevity is its willingness to innovate. It must develop innovative flooring options, continue to meet consumer demand, and provide installation services for its products. Hardwood flooring will always be a popular and timeless option for households throughout the world. It is considered a high-end product, and due to this, it will always be in demand throughout most of the developed world.

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