Regardless of whether you believe that certain colors can match personalities (like red for passion or black for coolness), everyone has a favorite color. We choose our favorite colors many times over our lifetimes, depending on the associations we draw from those colors at that point in time. You may even have multiple favorite colors throughout your life.

When you order engineered hardwood flooring, make sure you choose your favorite colors. You have two options to do this. You can either purchase hardwood of a certain color, or use colored varnish to accentuate and individualize your installed flooring.

Here are some of the most popular colored forms of hardwood flooring you should consider purchasing to beautify your house, and individualize your home.

Oak Hardwood

For homeowners who want a light-brown hardwood flooring, nothing beats oak hardwood. It is traditional, strong, and always in season. Oak hardwood would be a great addition to your home, especially if you are designing the interior in a rustic tone or motif.

Maple Hardwood

Maple trees tend to bring out the Canadian in all of us. Matching the diversity of our great nation, maple hardwood is available in several different tones, with each more special than the last. Ranging in color from light brown, to red, to a rich grey, maple hardwood flooring is a versatile choice for the versatile homeowner.

Birch Hardwood

Although you may be able to quickly identify the birch tree in the wild, due to its distinctive white bark, birch engineered hardwood flooring is not so easily identifiable. Although light in tone, birch hardwood can be stylized, using colored varnish to range from light-white/brown to a deep brown in tone. If you like the look and feel of birch hardwood, consider installing it in your home. You can always choose to modify the color at any time.

Brazilian Cherry

Cherry wood is not just a fixture of the kitchen. It is also a staple in the living room. Cherry wood is prized for its rich red-brown color combination, which ranges on a spectrum of different hues and shades. The variety ensures that you can install unique cherry hardwood flooring that matches your unique personality. Get fired up with rich red cherry wood.


Aptly named for its comparison to the majestic jungle creature, tigerwood hardwood flooring is one of those “one of a kind” flooring options you are sure to love. The orange and black streaks, complimenting each other, will really make your living room stand out, or wherever else you choose to install this unique and primal hardwood flooring. You do not see tigerwood every day, but when you do, it sure is something special to behold.


Bamboo hardwood is another option you should consider for your hardwood flooring. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from green, to orange, to red, to a rich, deep brown. With a range of possibilities to consider, you can now choose your favorite color of flooring in bamboo hardwood. With a colored varnish, you can even mix up your style later on, changing the colors of your bamboo flooring to match your favorite colors and color combinations. The possibilities are endless.

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