Environmentally friendly practices are becoming more mainstream by the year.  No longer does the term “eco-friendly” only resonate with a small, fringe proportion of the population.  It’s on the minds of everybody – from young children to the most powerful politicians. As consumers there’s always more that we can do to cut down on our impact on the environment.  And the type of flooring you choose for you home is yet another thing that can be considered. If you’re in the market for a new floor, it doesn’t cost you extra to be eco-friendly these days.  An option like laminate flooring is almost always cheaper and better for the environment than most other types. If you’re wondering why laminate flooring is environmentally friendly, we’ve come up with a list of its best attributes.

Source Materials

The source materials that make up laminate flooring are mainly recycled.  The core of a laminate floorboard is made of HDF (high density fibre.) What this means is that recycled wood fibres and chips are laminated together under pressure with a strong glue known as melamine resin.  All types of wood and all parts of the tree can be used in this process which means that nothing goes to waste. And what results is a moisture resistant, strong, stable and highly durable core that comes at a fraction of the cost of solid or engineered hardwood.  You won’t need to worry about exotic hardwoods harming faraway jungles when installing laminate flooring.


If, during your search for new flooring, you’re tearing laminate planks out of your house, you don’t need to send them to the landfill.  Save the ever growing landfill space and have it recycled instead. Floating laminate floors are easily taken apart to be transported and used elsewhere.  You can use it in another room in your house or you can pass it on to someone else in need. And if you can’t find a new home for it, there are dedicated recycling programs for used laminate flooring planks.

LEED Standards

Laminate flooring also qualifies for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.  This is because of the recycled materials that make up the floorboards. If you’re looking to achieve LEED certification and boost the value of your property, look at laminate flooring for a helpful boost.