Hardwood floors are popular for good reason.  Not only do they look great, but they’re durable, the colour can be easily changed and they’re much easier to keep clean than rugs.  And when your rug is worn out, the only option is to get a new one.  If your hardwood floor is starting to look worn out, you can refinish it and make it look new again.  But when should hardwood flooring be refinished?  In this post, we’ll go over the various signs that should have you thinking about refinishing your hardwood floor.

Deep Scratches

Some scratching of your hardwood flooring is expected, but if you end up with deep scratches, they should be repaired and the floor should be refinished.  Allowing deep scratches to remain could allow water to penetrate the core of your floorboards and cause serious problems down the road.  Taking care of deep scratches as they occur will ensure the longevity of your hardwood floors.

Water Damage

Water damage is probably the most serious problem you can have with hardwood flooring.  If enough water is allowed to penetrate into your floorboards they could end up warping or cupping which would necessarily lead to replacement.  If you can refinish the floors before deep penetration of water you’ll be able to save yourself from more expensive and involved repairs.  If you see parts of your floor going grey, it’s a sign that water damage has occurred and needs to be addressed.  That colour change is a sign that it’s time to refinish your hardwood flooring.


Stains can be related to water damage, but they can also easily occur from a clumsy accident.  Stains are one of the reasons that hardwood flooring is preferred over carpet.  A heavily stained carpet will generally have to be replaced.  A stained hardwood floor can be refinished to bring it back to new again.  If regular cleaning doesn’t get rid of stains on your hardwood, you can rest easy knowing that a refinishing will bring back its original look.

UV Damage

Hardwood floors that are constantly exposed to bright sunlight can begin to fade and discolour with time.  Fortunately, refinishing the surface of your hardwood floors can counteract the effects of the sun.  If the colour of your hardwood floor is starting to look washed out, it may be time to refinish it.