The end of the year invariably brings up all kinds of lists.  From the year’s favourite entertainment releases to the most poignant photographs, almost anything can be compiled into an end of year list.  And flooring options are no different!  Every year there are new trends that influence the market.  To give you the heads up on what’s coming down the pipe, we’ve put together our list of top flooring trends for 2022.

Blended Flooring

Utilizing blended flooring to gradually transition from one type of flooring to another has become popular in recent years.  It appears that trend will only continue to grow in 2022.  While most effectively laid out using tile, other materials can also be effectively used to create an interesting blended pattern.  If you’re looking for a unique look between two different flooring types, blended flooring patterns are only limited by your imagination.

Weathered Flooring

If you’re looking for something a little more understated or are going for a rustic look with the rest of your furnishings, weathered flooring can make a great accompaniment.  Artificial ageing processes will ensure your floor is durable and sturdy while giving you a look that can often take decades to achieve.  The weathered look can be applied to all sorts of flooring types, from wood to concrete and beyond.  This can allow you to achieve the right look with your preferred flooring material.

Graphic Tiles

Big bold patterns on tiles can turn something as mundane as a floor into a piece of artwork.  Customized tile printing techniques have come a long way and allow you to print almost any graphic as big as you like.  A Star Wars-themed kitchen floor anyone?

Reclaimed Flooring

It’s been a trend for several years now, but the good looks, environmental friendliness – and did we say good looks – of reclaimed flooring ensures that it’s more popular than ever.  Reclaimed flooring rescues perfectly good materials from the landfill while giving you a stylish yet comfortable feel to your room.  Rather than going for a manufactured weathered look, why not opt for the real thing?