After splurging quite an amount on the beautiful bamboo floors, you need to invest some time in their maintenance and keeping them forever shining. First things first, clean floor after installation. Use a lightly dampened mop with no-wax floor cleaner especially formulated for hardwood floors (preferably non-toxic, environmentally safe products). You must regularly dust mop, sweep with a soft bristle broom or vacuum with a soft accessory to keep your bamboo floor clean from dust, dirt or grit.

Remove spills and dirt promptly. A soft cloth wetted with water and then squeezed dry can be used to wipe off foodstuffs and other spills. When using any wood flooring cleaner that requires mixing with water, follow the mixing directions precisely. Heel or scuff marks and stubborn stains may be removed by lightly rubbing with a cloth and a wood floor cleaner. Place a mat outside your door. This will absorb much of the harmful dirt before it reaches the bamboo floor.
It is recommended to remove shoes prior to walking on bamboo flooring. Alternatively, be sure to clean shoes well. Lift furniture when moving, instead of sliding across surface. Make sure that the floor cleaner doesn’t stay on the floor for long.